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Description of Services

Tree felling (large or small)
Cutting the tree at the base and causing it to fall in a controlled manner.

Dismantling trees in enclosed spaces
Taking a tree down in sections.

Crown/Height reduction
To reduce the height of the crown, by removing the uppermost branches (maximum reduction of the crown is 30- 50% or the tree may not survive).

Removing branches to allow light and wind to pass through the crown of the tree.

Selective removal of branches to enhance the shape.

Limb removal:
Cutting a large branch right back to the trunk.

Making dangerous trees safe
Either removing the whole tree or removing torn and dead branches from the crown.

Pruning Fruit Trees and Shrubs
Reducing the height and thinning fruit trees to make the fruit more accessible and to allow more light onto the fruit to aid ripening. Shrubs are pruned to reduce their size and to promote healthy growth and flowering.

Hedge trimming
Shaping and tidying hedges.

Elm disposal in accordance with Council regulations/legislation to stop Dutch Elm disease
Cut Elm has to be burnt at a controlled site to stop the spread of the destructive Dutch Elm Disease.

The removal of all side and top branches leaving just the main trunk. The trunk will then resprout.
Used when the tree has got too big for the allowable space. Not advisable on Beech, Birch or Cherry.



Oak tree